Walking is man’s best medicine.


The following is a description and image of the trail between Whitney Dam and Criscuolo Park. The path is envisioned as a crushed stone path appropriate for walking, we are currently investigating where available land also allows bike access to be added.

Whitney Dam to Tidal Gate

There are several possible routes for connecting Whitney Dam to the Tidal Gate through East Rock park. The most obvious is to using the existing trail system extending back from the Eli Whitney Museum on the northern bank, then cross the river at Orange Street bridge and continue behind Wilber Cross Highschool through Black Field to the Tidal Gate.

Tidal Gate to Humphrey Street

The tidal gate is cross able on foot and leads in to the present day construction area for the State Street bridge. This area can be made suitable for a path leading across State Street and under the exit ramp to the bank that runs along the CT Transit property. Here the fence may have to be moved back to accommodate the required width for the path.

Humphrey Street to Grand Avenue

From the CT Transit Station the trail exists to Humphery Street. It takes a left to follow the sidewalk down Humphrey toward James Street. Using the crosswalk at James Street the trail continues down James on sidewalk till it reaches and takes a right at John Murphy Drive. On John Murphy Drive there is a blacktop path directly to the river which runs along the back parking lot of the 370 James building. From there you can follow the river on a bank side trail which reaches Grand Avenue at the Grand Paint building.

Grand Avenue to Criscuolo Park

Details of this section are being collected.