Historic Signage Project

The Mill River holds a long history of human and nature interactions. This project adds 10+ interpretive signs showcasing the history of people and the river.

The project research, design and install 8+ interpretive signs that illustrate the connections between industrial history, nature and the modern experience with the river.

The Mill River has a rich history that this project will bring to life in signage along the Mill River Trail. Throughout this history the river has been impacted by changing human, plant and animal interaction. This signage will cover the deep history starting from from when indigenous peoples had hunted and fished along the river. Moving to the changes that happened as English colonists established the first mill in 1642 and when Inventor Eli Whitney built his armory and dam on the river in 1798, kicking off industrial uses, then up to the modern day uses. Its history and the history of life connected to the river is a story that needs to be told.

Conceptual Mock-up

Signs will be in English and Spanish. This is a preliminary mock up with placeholder content to demonstrate how the signs will likely generally appear.

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